Legal Tennessee Gambling Sites

Tennessee is not known for gambling, as seen in the utter lack of gambling facilities, casinos or card rooms in the state. You will not find anything that is even close to gambling. Even social gambling has been criminalized in the state of Tennessee, so playing a game of home poker is actually a crime. Another thing you cannot actually find in Tennessee is a law that has made it a crime to gamble online. You will be able to gamble with no trouble at all if you follow our advice, which is why we are here. We are here to show our players exactly what can be done with the Internet when it comes to gambling, where these games should take place, and how it is safe for you to gamble online.

If you live in Tennessee, you might have noticed that the state is bereft of casinos, poker rooms, or sportsbooks. The closest place to get in on any action is in Tunica, Mississippi. There is no land-based legal Tennessee gambling, and this is the case for many other states in our nation as well. Many uninformed prospective gamblers are unaware of their options, and feel that the only way to enjoy some wagering action is by travelling many miles to a city that has casinos. This does not have to be the case for Tennessee residents, or anyone else in America.

Since the state itself has no casinos, residents are stuck with either driving out of state, or going online. Luckily, the latter option is quite a luxury, because these sites are amazing. Legal Tennessee gambling sites offer spectacular options for poker fans, sports fans, and casino-gaming fans. You don’t need to drive or fly out of state to experience the best odds in the industry anymore. This page is going to show you how these sites are able to continue functioning legally, and serve players like you the safest and most profitable wagering games in the world.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Tennessee?

Since there aren’t any land-based options, you had better hope it is! Actually, it is absolutely legal and you have nothing to worry about as long as you are of age. You see, online gambling sites are not allowed to function in Tennessee in the same way that land-based casinos aren’t. It’s all about location, location, location. Since these sites cannot operate in the state, they must be located somewhere else. Thanks to the mystical magic of the internet, these sites can be located halfway across the globe and still serve us Tennessee natives.

This is how it works: A country that has lenient gambling laws produces a website that includes full poker rooms, a packed virtual casino, and a world-class sportsbook. This site is able to accept players from most, if not all states in the US. This means that Tennessee residents that are over 21 can join free and wager legally.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should wait until you are 21 to join one of these sites. While most of them accept players that are over 18, the Tennessee state laws requires bettors to be 21. To stay in accordance with the state laws, you should probably wait until you are that age.

Will My Money Be Safe At A Tennessee Gambling Site?

Yes, your funds, as well as your identity, will be secure. These sites have procured millions of members from the US and abroad, and have been functioning in some cases for more than 20 years. There is a reason that there are only a handful of sites that are considered great, it is because they are the only ones that have the wherewithal to put safety before profit. They know that if players can’t trust them, then they will go somewhere else.

These sites use cutting edge security protocols and safety software to keep all your information hidden, and you funds locked down. You, and only you, can access your account and your money. There has never been a case of someone losing their funds at any of these sites. The deposit methods, ranging from credit/debit cards to money orders and even bitcoin, are all secure and fast.

What Types Of Bonuses Are Offered At Tennessee Gambling Sites?

Just for signing up and making an initial deposit, you will be granted the opportunity to win free money. The welcome bonuses that each site offers are great for getting you up and running with some extra dough to spend in the casinos, poker rooms, or sportsbooks. You will find first deposit bonuses ranging from $250 to $1,000, and sometimes more. These do usually come with rollover requirements, or they payout in increments, so make sure to read the fine print when you accept the promotion.

The benefits of joining a legal Tennessee gambling site go far beyond the welcome bonuses. You will also find reload bonuses, mobile betting, live betting, live dealers, monthly saving specials, guaranteed tournaments, and much more. These sites are always coming up with ways to make the games more lucrative, and we can’t recommend them enough.

Tennessee Legal Gambling Statistics
Legal Gambling Age In Tennessee 21 - For Most Forms Of Gambling
Legal Online Gambling Types Available Poker, Sports Betting, Casinos, Horse Racing
Best Tennessee Gambling Deposit Method Credit Cards & eWallets
Best Casino For Tennessee Residents - Exclusive 200% to $5,000 Slots Bonus
Best Sportsbook for Tennessee Residents BetOnline - Wager on Volunteers, Titans, Grizzlies
Best Poker Room For Tennessee Residents Bovada - $1K Free & Legal For Tennessee Players

Tennessee Gambling Legal Requirements

The laws of Tennessee have done nothing to criminalize online gambling in the state. With the lack of any law specifically making it illegal to gamble on the Internet, you will be able to participate without any trouble. If you are going to gamble, you have to make sure you are above the legal age limit. If you fail to adhere to these limits, you will ultimately have to face consequences - generally financial consequences. You have to be 21 years of age to participate in the games online, as you will otherwise have your money confiscated out from under you.

Legal Tennessee Online Casinos

Though there are no live casinos in the state of Tennessee, you will find that there are a handful of different online casinos out there. You will be able to start gaming without too much trouble, as these casinos offer their players a very realistic gambling experience that is just like what it would be if you decided to visit a real casino. Instead, you just have to sit at your computer, log into your casino and get involved with none of the complications you could potentially experience if you visit a live casino.

Top Tennessee Online Casinos - Great Bonuses For Tennessee Residents

We are intrinsically wired to get really excited every time a bell rings indicating a jackpot on a slot machine. is a miracle wrapped in a dream that is free to sign up for, and you will be hearing that winning bell repeatedly as a member. They even start you off with a giant boost if you enter HELLOSLOTS100 when you make your initial deposit. This bonus code will trigger a number of rewards that will give you free money eight times in a row. The folks at this site certainly know how to create an attractive prospect, and the RTG technology that runs the site makes it so that your information is fully protected and your money is secure. Check out today for the real deal in online casino gaming. VISIT SLOTS.LV

Top Tennessee Legal Online Casinos
Lucky Red Casino
400% up to $4,000
Club World Casino
100% up to $777
Manhattan Slots Casino
100% up to $747
RTG Casino
$5,000 Welcome Bonus
High Noon Casino
200% up to $2,000
Bovada Casino
8 Match Bonuses Worth $3,000
Las Vegas USA
200% up to $1,000
All Star Slots Casino
100% up to $787
Buzzluck Casino
100% up to $868
Aladdin's Gold Casino
200% Unlimited

Legal Tennessee Online Sportsbooks

Sports betting is one form of gambling that gamblers and sports fans alike can use to earn some cash. The inherent difficulty of betting on sports is that most states are not only incapable of authorizing a sports betting scheme, but most states have also gone as far as to criminalize this activity. If you are going to gamble on sports, you will have to keep in mind that the Internet is the only safe place for you to do so. Otherwise, you are going to be left using an illegal gambling site.

Top Tennessee Online Sports Betting

Top Tennessee Legal Online Sportsbooks
Bovada Sportsbook
20% up to $100
BetOnline Sportsbook
25% up to $900 - every deposit
SportsBetting Sportsbook
25% up to $100
5Dimes Sportsbook
50% up to $200

Legal Tennessee Online Poker

Online poker is another form of gambling you can access. If you want to play online poker, you definitely want to stick to the most trusted betting sites around, as you could otherwise find yourself in a precarious position, a position where your money is being siphoned out of your account slowly. If you decide you want to play, remember that there is no law making it a crime for you to play through these games. In the end, you should be able to start gaming without any trouble.

Top Legal Tennessee Online Poker Sites

Bovada Poker

The one poker room that we recommend above any other is Bovada. We have decided to share them with our readers because they are one of the few poker rooms that can actually be trusted. If you decide to stick with them you will have no problems building up a bankroll, and this starts with a 100% match to $1,000. Bovada's poker room has several styles of poker, including hold 'em, Omaha and seven card stud. Heads up, short handed, 9- and 10- person tables can also be found. Bovada has penny poker and stakes that can cost hundreds per hand, so everyone can play without feeling over- or underwhelmed. Bovada is one of the safest gambling sites we have seen, and we can tell you that bad beats are barely a problem. A bad beat jackpot, a jackpot on hitting a royal flush, and also built in rake back can all be found through this gaming center. VISIT BOVADA

Top Tennessee Legal Online Poker Sites
Poker Site
Bovada Poker
100% Bonus To $1,000
BetOnline Poker
25% Bonus To $900
Yes Poker
110% Bonus To $600

Land Based Tennessee Gambling

There are currently no land based gambling facilities in Tennessee. You will not see a card room, a pari-mutuel facility or even a race track, so your options are limited to the Internet. You have to turn to the online world in order to get involved in the games you would want to play.

Overall Synopsis of Legal Tennessee Gambling

Tennesseans looking to get involved in the games will find that their only option is going to be the Internet. This is why we are here to show you the various options at your disposal. The Internet is one of the safest places for you to gamble, but only if you know where you should be placing your money. Tennessee legal gambling is available on the Internet, so you will find no trouble participating if you know where to look.

Top Tennessee Casino Casino Deposit Bonus 200% to $5,000

Top Tennessee Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook
20% To $100 Bonus

Top Tennessee Poker Site

BetOnline Poker
Bonus To $900